Self-published articles and blog posts


Spencer EE, Barton P, Newsome TM, Barton P, Ripple W (2020). Forget ‘murder hornets’, European wasps in Australia decapitate flies and bully dingoes. Opinion piece in the Conversation.

Spencer EE, Newsome TM, Dickman C, Barton P (2020). Bushfires left millions of animals dead. We should use them, not bury them. Opinion piece in the Conversation.

Newsome TM, Spencer EE (2019) Making deer fair game for unlicensed hunting is the right step for New South Wales. Opinion piece in the Conversation.

Spencer EE (2019) Desert carcasses – rotten but not forgotten. Blog post for Bush Heritage Australia (

I have also contributed to a piece in the Sydney Alumni Magazine (SAM; Nov, 2019)

News articles that feature my research

PhD HDR COVID-19 crisis 

Almost half of Australian PhD students considering disengaging from studies due to pandemic (The Guardian, Nature).

European wasps

Forget ‘murder hornets’, these invasive European wasps behead Aussie flies and take on dingoes (NineNews, AusGeo)

Feral cats

Feral cat makes meal of a sand goanna in Simpson Desert (TheNorthWestStar, KatherineTimes, BatemansBayPost, ABC news, NZHerald and various other sources)

Carcass composting

With countless animals dead in Australia’s flames, researchers eye ‘carcass composting’ (GlobalNews)

Feral cats scavenge kangaroos

Feral cat in Simpson Desert eats entire kangaroo carcass, surprising researchers (ABC, Newsweek, DailyMail, TheNewDaily)

Feature on my research

Why this 28-year-old-scientist is devoting her life to roadkill (SMH, TheAge)

Stakeholder reports and blogs that feature my research

Bush Heritage Australia – Predators! Keep calm, just carrion.

Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley Resort Wolgan Valley – World’s leading conservation resort.



I have been interviewed on work relating to my research by: ABC News Afternoons (May, 2020).


I have been interviewed on work relating to my research by: ABC Local Overnight (50 min talk back show & interview; June, 2020), ABC North West Queensland (Oct, 2019 & May, 2020), ABC South East NSW (Sep, 2019), ABC Alice Springs (May, 2020, Oct, 2019 & Jan, 2019), Radio 2GB (Jan, 2019), 6PR Radio Perth (Jan, 2019), ABC Radio Melbourne (Jan, 2019 & Jan, 2020), ABC Radio Sydney (May, 2020).